Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our first born, Jackson

Jackson is the leader of the pack/mother hen/boss/any name you can think of for a leader he is! 

He is becoming sooo independent which is VERY helpful! 

Jackson is improving so much on writing his name, his letter "c" is always backwards but other than that it looks great!

The boys are now in the high back booster seats with a seat belt in the 3rd row and they can now buckle their own seatbelts which means I don't have to climb in through the trunk to buckle them! 

Jackson LOVES preschool, everyday he wakes up and says "today peeschool day?"

Is a huge fan of crafting!

Loves to paint and wear his apron

Is a HUGE helper in the kitchen, can clear his spot at the table, empty his plate in the sink, and load it in the dishwasher!

Still naps 2-2.5 hours everyday (all 4 are down at the same time) and still has to sleep in a different room than Joel for his nap

Is on a kick of having his pictures taken, everytime I have my camera out for a session he wants pictures taken of him too! We've had a lot of crazy studio picture days here lately!

Is sooo bossy to Joel and make Joel do whatever he says and little brother to my dismay complies with all of his requests! 

Plays with his trains for at least half of the day! 

LOVES all Disney movies, the newest favorites, Aladdin, Tangled & Beauty and the Beast

Is already proving to be a "typical boy that eats all the time" I hear at least 4-6 times a day, "mama me so hungry" he's a bottomless pit!

Is becoming a great helper with his little sisters, he always asks and makes sure they are ready to go with us with we leave or makes sure they aren't getting into something they aren't supposed to.

Jackson's favorite word, "why"? Asked at least 50 times a day; he sure is learning!

Jackson is such a sweet boy who has good manners and for the most part listens well and behaves when out in public, he sure makes it look like we're doing something right!

He LOVES his "jammie day monday" this is a ritual each week, we make it a point to try not to leave the house on Mondays (since we're committed doing something every other day) and we all stay in our jammies!

Jackson enjoys going to the library each week to play with the train table, participate in storytime and do a craft and pick out new books and movies each week to bring home. 

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