Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Recap AND Week Preview

We had a busy weekend. I started back to Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping on Saturday with my orientation and testing for 2 hours Saturday morning.  While I was there Jon took all the kids and went to Lowe's for another of their Build and Grow Workshops. We both got home about the same time and spent the rest of the day outside cleaning out the flowerbeds and he mowed the yard for the first time. The girls took nice long naps and then hung in the sun with their cute little sun hats on while the boys played with the neighbor boys and rode their tractors around and helped with the yard work.  I also put on a "mini" garage sale on Friday and Saturday. It was a great way to get rid of a lot of things before the multiples garage sale this week and make quite a bit of money!

Sunday was my busy photo shoot day, I had 8! We left the house at 8:30 to head to the Botanical Center for 3 sessions and then I had a newborn in the studio followed by 4 families. It was a busy but fun day, I love my little photography job! But now the busy time, editing 8 photo shoots! Jon and the kids played outside all day again, it was beautiful out! He also dug out where our garden will go this year so we're getting ready for that!

Yesterday was my first day of waking up at 3:45AM for my 4:20AM kickboxing class. It wasn't hard waking up, the girls were just up at 2:30AM to nurse but I was really tired at about 10:30! I forgot how great it felt to hit the bag and get back into working out!! I can't wait to shed some weight and get toned again, in perfect time for the pool season!  Last night my mom and I met my coach at Hy-Vee and we spend 2 hours walking around the store taking about good and bad foods, recipes and other helpful tips and then we did some grocery shopping.

Tonight is haircut night for all of us, minus the girls of course. My parents are going to watch the girls while the four of us get all beautified.  The boys are excited to head back to preschool today as well! They can't wait to see all their friend and their teacher Mrs. Lori!  I'm excited to have a little girl time with my babes!

Tomorrow night starts our garage sale duties for the Multiples Garage Sale.  Jon's parents are going to come up to watch the kids while Jon, my parents and I head to Des Moines to work our shift and set up our things to sell.  We'll be down there from 8-10 and then on Thursday mom and I will go shop at 6!

Then Friday night is the first night we don't have anything going on and Saturday I have Farrell's in the morning and then my nutrition seminar there until noon and we have to pick up the stuff that didn't sell at the garage sale by 1.  And then the kids and I are going to head to my parents to stay to help do some yard work and play while Jon has a much needed guys night with Andy and Bryce...who knows what the night/early morning will bring for them.

Hope everyone has a good week! Stay tuned for some pictures of our weekend, playing at the park, the girls 10 month pictures and some other random pictures I want to blog about.

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