Monday, April 30, 2012

Basement Project

Well my hubby has been working is tail off in the basement! My dad showed him how to frame and he took it from there and has done the ENTIRE thing!! I'm SOOOOO proud of him and all the work he has done down there.  From building bulk heads, framing around the window, putting in all the can lights, putting in the shower vent, and even electrical work.  We had our friend Zach come over and and actually wire the power to the lights and put them in a breaker and give my studio its own breakers but other than that Jon's done it all! I'm pretty impressed for a "city boy" to have done all this without having any knowledge whatsoever on how to do it all.  I guess you learn the best when you are self taught and by trail and error! My dad came over yesterday to check things over and today the drywall people are coming! In 3-4 days they will hang all the drywall, mud and tape and spray texture and have the walls/ceilings all ready for me to paint this weekend! 
 Standing at the bottom of the stairs looking back toward the back of the basement. See that big pile of drywall...Jon and I made 30 trips each trip we carried 110lbs. of drywall down!! 
 Our basement is in the shape of a "U" and this is the bottom of the"U" where our extra fridge and stand up deep freezer will be.  This also looks into the bathroom. There is a pocket door that leads to the bathroom
 This is standing at the back of the bathroom. That blue tubing is the back of the shower, you can see the white shower base on the floor. The toilet and vanity will be up at the front where Sophie's blue liter box is sitting.
 This is standing at the front of my studio looking toward the back. I'm soooo ready to get my studio back down to the basement and out of our dining room!! 
 Standing at the back of the basement looking up toward the stairs. 
 Standing at the top of the stairs looking down.  Jon put in these stair lights..that was a project!  He also took out the light at the bottom of the step and put in a can light.  
I just can't say it enough how impressed and proud I am of Jon and all his work he's done in the basement!! He sure can be proud of his work when its all done!! 

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