Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter with the Ganders

On Saturday morning we got up and took the kids up to Maxwell for their Easter egg hunt.  This is the 2nd year that we've gone and the boys just love it!! First they got to meet the Easter bunny
{Jackson & Joel}
Then it was time to start the hunt.  The 0-3 age group was on the tennis courts and the boys had a quarter of the court all to themselves! They were in heaven! 

After the hunt we headed into the school to open the eggs and turn in their eggs for prizes.  
We headed back to Ankeny and had lunch and then went and got groceries and came home and the girls napped and then we headed out to Mom and Dad's for supper with everyone.  The boys shared a cute little mask that they got as a prize at the egg hunt that morning with Brynna and the 3 of them posed for some pictures!

Then it was time for the clue mom is so creative! She did this for us as we got older for Easter and had a clue that took you to another clue and another clue.  
{Jossy and Uncle Michael}
The boys took Brynna's had and ran from spot to spot looking for the next clue.  
By the wood pile, the pool shed, Jessie's kennel and the rock pile they went

The final clue took them to Papa's tractor where their goodie baskets were! 
They were sooo excited to find them!! Jackson showing off his new biking gear! 
We then went up to the house and did our big egg hung (I think there were close to 250 eggs split between the 3 of them!) 
{Nana and Jossy}
{Joel, Brynna and Jackson with their goodies!}

We then had supper (yummy sirloin, sweet potatoes, squash a nice salad and garlic bread) and all chatted before heading home! It was a nice start to our Easter weekend! 

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