Thursday, June 7, 2012

1 YEAR OLD - May 16, 2012

Julianne & Jocelyn were 1 year old on May 16th! It's hard to believe our little girls are 1! For their birthday we went to the zoo that day and then had some cupcakes to celebrate! 

Julianne at 1 year old you....
*weigh 20lbs. 14oz. 
*are 28 1/4 inches long
*are quite the little like to go across the living room, in the yard, at the pool you take about 10-15 steps and then plop down and then do your bear crawl and then get back up and walk again
*still love your paci
*are OBSESSED with animals real and stuffed! You get your arms flapping even when you see a bird out the window or an animal in a book
*do this cute thing with your hard when  you want something...its like a little wave 
*are a great eater! You are kinda picky with your veggies but when you do like something you go to town, you can eat 2 whole waffles no problem! 
*love the water. You are such a water baby
*are very emotional. Even when we tell you NO you pout and will most times cry
*love to go down the slide. You climb up it like a little monkey and then slide down on your little one of course
*enjoy being outside playing, talking to the animals, riding in the stroller you name it! 
*are no longer nursing BUT started sleeping through the night!! 
*wear size 3 diaper and size 9 or 12 month clothes
*love to be around your brothers and ask Jackson would say you are his baby!
 Jocelyn at 1 year old you....
*weigh 19lbs. 6oz.
*are 28 inches tall
*you went 364 days without taking a pacifier and the day before your birthday you all the sudden started sucking on it and now you are a paci baby
*are no longer nursing BUT after you stopped you started sleeping through the night!! 
*not really interested in walking yet or standing up on your own you are perfectly content cruising along the furniture
*wear size 3 diaper and 9 or 12 month clothes
*love your veggies, anything from brocolli to carrots the more veggies the better
*sure are stubborn! No one can tell you to stop doing something because when we do you just look at us and smile and then keep doing it!
*like to have your blanky at ALL times
*love the water...the bath, the pool, the hose all things water
*love your brothers to pieces you to Joel you are his baby
*are obsessed with balls, you like to throw them, put them in your mouth
*when you get tired you and your blanky snuggle on the floor and suck your paci and just stare at me like "mommy will you put me to bed?"
*have some seasonal allergies we think.  A little zyrtec in the evening seems to help you 
We love you baby girls so very much and you are getting to be such big girls! We are so happy to have you both in our lives and you make us so happy! 

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