Friday, June 1, 2012

May Recap

So it's no secret I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus.  For good reason though! I've been SWAMPED with photo sessions (I'm not complaining about that it just takes up a lot of my time and I don't get to keep you all updated), so much for shooting just 2 days a month, we were up until at least 11:30 almost every night in May, Jon working on the basement and me editing.  And getting up at 3:45 every morning for Farrell's has made me SUPER tired lately as well.  I waited until the last minute to plan the girls' birthday party so I was scrambling to do that and more importantly I've been spending my days TRYING to enjoy and play with the kids when all reality I did a lot more editing on photos than I should have.  So enough about that here is a little recap of our month of May!

* celebrated my 29th birthday with a date night with my favorite man to Johnny's Italian Steakhouse and a little shopping.  This was my first night out of the house WITHOUT the babies since they were born and I was gone for longer than 3 hours! 
* Jon got our basement finished BEFORE the girls' birthday party as we had hoped (pictures to come soon)
* landscaped around our patio (again pictures to come) 
*celebrated our baby girls' 1st birthday with family and friends on May 19th! (will post those pictures and their 12 month milestone pictures and stats as well)
* had a fantastic Mother's Day and I was spoiled by my 4 kids
* Jackson and Joel finished preschool and had a nice end of year program (I have some cute pictures from that as well)
* The girls stopped nursing AND started sleeping through the night right around their 1st birthday
* Julianne is taking quite a few steps all on her own and her love for any and all animals (stuffed and real) is just so darn cute
* Jocelyn went 364 withOUT taking a pacifier and the day before her birthday she randomly started sucking on one and now won't put it down...not sure if it had something with me stopping nursing or what
* just today finished my 10 weeks at Farrell's. (I'll do a whole post on that too with stats, etc.)
* painted our garage 
* updated the look in our living room with new pillows and decor
* had my 1st client in my NEW studio! I love having it back in the basement and out of our diningroom
* had multiple photo shoots during the week and weekends, most weekend days I had 6-7 sessions each day...that makes for  A LOT of editing
* my mom and I took 6 kids (mine and my brother's) to the zoo and to lunch
* the kids and I have been on shopping missions to furnish the basement/bathroom to make it functional so we can be down there more

Well consider yourself all caught up on the Waters Family I PROMISE to blog more starting next week and get some new pictures posted of our kids and our fun things we've been doing and updates on our house projects! Until then, have a great weekend! 

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Missy... said...

SO glad you're back! Sounds like you guys have been busy, busy, busy! Can't wait to see pics!