Monday, June 18, 2012

Memorial Weekend

For Memorial weekend the kids and I spent the weekend at my parents house while Jon headed to Marshalltown to help his parents finish their basement. I definitely think the kids and I got the better end of the deal spending the weekend in Nana and Papa's pool, roasting marshmallows by the campfire, playing with the dogs and hanging out on the farm.  But Jon and his dad did get a lot of work done all the framing and his mom and dad were so thankful he was there to help.   Here is our weekend in pictures! 

{the boys LOVED the campfire...Jackson didn't enjoy when Joel accidentally burnt the back of his leg but they stayed out late by the campfire talking to Papa and Nana and telling stories}

 {Mama and Jackie!}
 {the boys were very worried about their sisters getting too close to the fire...they were very good help!}

 {Me and all my lovely kiddos}

 We had a lot of pool time as well and the boys picked right back up where they left off last year!}

 {The girls loved the pool too and the water they had  such a fun time!}

 {Me and my baby girls}
 {Me and my mommy and my kiddos}

 {Julianne & Nana}
 {Julianne LOVED the fish thermometer and just wanted to hold on to it the whole time she was in the pool!}

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