Monday, June 25, 2012

Natural Playscape

We had a wonderful weekend. For the first Saturday in probably 3 months I did NOT have any photo shoots! I went to Farrell's and Jon got his run in and then we headed to Lowe's to the Build and Grow program. This week they built a Luxury Assault Vehicle from Madagascar 3.  They had a fun time!!  Then on Sunday I have 4 photo sessions. One of which was at Jester Park.  There was this Natural Playscape there and the kids had a blast cooling on in the little pond on the super hot day! 

 {The boys playing in the waterfall}
 {Julianne loved sitting on the big rock in the middle of the pond dangling her feet in}
 {Oh Jossy you are always so happy!}
 {The best picture of the 4 of them!}
 {The girls on the rock}
We will have to go back there again.  This is a potential spot for me to take the boys' 4 year pictures in the next few weeks.  We'll just have to do that in the late evening as there is NO shade whatsoever there!! 

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