Friday, June 22, 2012

The Playground

Yesterday Meggie, Mindy and I took all the kids over to The Playground in Ankeny.  It is inflatable slides, bouncy houses, obstacle courses, etc. They all LOVED it...even the girls!!! 
 Jossy sportin' her is a little limp I see
 A terribly blurry picture but I love how she always sits like this!
 Jewels loved the bubbles
 Oh yes both of my baby girls are WALKERS!
 I think the boys went down this slide about 30 times!
 Julianne thought she was big stuff because she climbed up here all by herself!
 All us moms loved this place, it was super clean and it was nice because everything was right in a small area so you could sit and see and the kids. The room was more square versus rectangular like it is at Monkey Joe's, a similar type facility.  We will definitely be going back! 


 Oh baby girls you are just too cute!
{Jossy & Jewels}
 These boys didn't have any fun, right?!  
{Luke, Brady, Jackson & Joel}

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