Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun at the zoo!

Last Tuesday my mom and dad had off work so they wanted to head to the zoo and the pool for nice day.  Even though it was in the high 90s low 100s it was still a blast and the kids didn't seem to mind the heat! Thanks for going along with us to the zoo and on a picnic AND THEN to the pool we had a fun day Nana and Papa!

{Joss, Nana, Jackson, Joel, Papa and Jewels on the train}
 {Julianne looking at all the animals on the train ride}
 {Joel and Jackson}
 {feeding the goats was a huge hit!}
 {Oh Julianne you are in heaven since you're around animals!}
 {Joel and Julianne}
 {Jossy and Jackson were picking up food off the ground, or in Jossy's case rocks and feeding the goats}
 {Joel, Jocelyn, Julianne and Jackson
 {Papa and the boys in the groundhog tunnel!}

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