Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun weekend

We had a wonderful weekend and I took lots of pictures but haven't had time to dump them off my camera...sooo that means you just get a quick little recap today!

*Saturday Jon's parents came up and watched the girls and baby Braylan while the rest of us headed to Adventureland for Jon and my dad's company picnic. We had a WONDERFUL time and the weather was perfect...kinda overcast didn't seem hot. We were glad we were there on Saturday and not Sunday when it was blazing hot! We had a late night and left the park right at 10 when it closed.

*Sunday after we got up we headed out in our jammies to mom and dad's for breakfast and to spend the day while Ben and Kyli and family were back. The kids all had a great time playing in the pool and "farming" with the toys. 

*This week is busy, bible school for the boys from 6-8pm and swimming lessons from 8:30-9:15pm! 

*PLUS, we have 2 little boys who are turning 4 on Wednesday and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party on Saturday to celebrate! 

Stay tuned for more posts this week and I promise to include pictures! 

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