Monday, July 9, 2012

Update... pictures today for those of you here to look at those. I PROMISE I will do an actual post for tomorrow. 

I'm feeling behind again...I have a wedding from June 16th I HAVE to get finished editing by tomorrow (my goal) so that is 476 pictures left...then I have 1 session from Friday, 4 from Saturday, 1 from Sunday, a newborn session tonight, 2 more on this Thursday, (that I of course want to have all edited by the weekend so I don't have to worry about sitting inside and editing all weekend) and MY boys' 4 year pictures I took TWO weeks ago I haven't touched!!! AHH thinking about it all makes me anxious!! 

So that means after a busy/fun week playing last week (at the pool everyday, zoo trips, science center trip, visiting both parents and lots of eating out and family time) this week I'm not leaving the house during the day until my pictures are caught up and my cleaning and laundry are done all while entertaining 4 children!! So off to "work" I go!! 

Have a good Monday everyone!! 

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