Monday, August 20, 2012

A Weekend in Marion

Last weekend we headed to my brother's new house in Marion to spend the weekend. Mom and I and the kids left early Friday morning and hit up Williamsburg outlets and did some shopping and then continued on to Iowa City after lunch and met Ben and Kyli and the kids at the Children's Museum for a few hours. This place was AWESOME! We had sooo much fun and all the kids loved it! We will for sure be going back soon! 
{be prepared TONS of pictures}

{Jackson, Joel and Brynna in the music room}

 {Uncle Ben and Jossy}
 {Joss climbing the wall with the help of Uncle Ben}
 {Brynna checking out one of the fun ball features}
 {Joel and one of the ball features}
 {The airplane/balloon room was sooo neat!}
 {Julianne loved the little airplanes}
 {there was a giant slide in this room, Brynna had fun on it!}
 {Jossy spent most of her time in this room picking up the puff balls and scarves that were flying all over the room}
 {Jackson rode in the airplane}
{Julianne watching the puff balls and scarves fly through the tubes}
 {The Gander's flying an airplane} 
 {Jackson in the hot air balloon}
 {Julianne and Jocelyn in the farm room}
 {Aunt Kyli helping Jocelyn across the bridge in the reading room}
 {The boys in the train room...we could've stayed in here for at least an hour I think!!}
 {all the kids trying on hats!}

 {Braylan rockin' the sombrero}
 {Miss Brynna in the Michael Jackson hat!}
 {Julianne wasn't a fan}
 {Jossy just kept trying on all kinds of different ones}
 {The grocery store room was a hit!! The girls loved the carts}
 {Julianne screaming when I tried to help her push her cart...apparently she can do it herself!}

 Nana helping the kids "check out" at the registers}

 {This was Jossy's cart...she filled this up all by herself and pushed it around the store}
 {the girls checking out the turtles}
 For supper Friday night we headed to a local bar in Alburnett for their was amazing!  Then we headed back to their house and lounged before bed.  Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City for their Kids Fest Day. It was fun...the big kids ran the 10 meter dash, kicked the soccer ball, ate cotton candy, got free t-shirts and just played! 
 {Bryalan just hanging out}
 {Eating cotton candy with Sarah}
 {Daddy and Jewels waiting for practice to start} 

 {Our attempt at a family was sooo bright the kids were squinting}

 {Jackson and Joel got to meet Herky}
 {Jackson and Joel}
 {After lunch at the Vine we headed back to Ben and Kyli's and we helped them hang stuff of in the garage and organize it while the kids ate puppy chow and some sweet corn!}
 {Julianne just hanging out eating her puppy chow}
 {the boys}
 {mama and jewels}
 {Oh Julianne, the many faces of you!}
 {She wanted to wear the kitty bike helmet...only because it had a cat on it!}
 {Jossy latched on to a piece of corn and carried it around and ate on it!}

 We also celebrated Uncle Michael's 22nd birthday and mom and dad's anniversary.

 {we had a yummy ice cream cake for dessert}
 {all the kids went on little to no naps for almost 3 straight days so they were all tired at night!}
 {Joel talking to Braylan}
 On Sunday before we left we walked up to the little pond and fed the fish and ducks...the kids had a blast!
 {the girls just chilled in the stroller}
Thank you Ben and Kyli for hosting such a fun weekend and letting us ALL come and crash at your house for 2 nights! We had a great time! Can't wait to come back and see you guys again! 

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Alyssa Gaskill said...

fun. and you look FABULOUS girlfriend. :)