Friday, August 17, 2012

Fatherhood Friday's

I know that I haven’t written anything in some time (I will try to post more regularly) but I was talking to a friend and it got me thinking that I should do another post. I think that I have written about something similar in the past but this had me thinking.

My friend, whom him and his wife had a baby about 6 months ago, were talking about how she is staying home now with their baby boy. Most days he gets home from work she makes him take care of the baby the rest of the night. He said that after all day with the baby she is so tired that she can’t take anymore. He said that most days he feels that she is making stuff up (I don’t feel good, I have a headache, I need to run to the store). As I sat there and listened I couldn’t help but to smile. He said that on many of the days when he would get home she would do this. As I continued to listen I began to think about what my response would be to the story he was telling me. so he finishes his story by saying that some days he is tired when he gets home and asks “how do you guys do it with 4 kids?”

As he asks this I have to change my response that I had been thinking of from “telling her to suck it up and kids aren’t going to be that way forever” to “its hard”.
He says “that’s it”?

I said that we have many of those same days that you have. I told him its not easy on us but the second that you get frustrated with kids they know it and they will continue to get under your skin until you break. I told him that I have it pretty lucky now. we have made it through the hardest part with the boys and girls. all 4 go to bed around 8 and most night will sleep through the night with little interruption of us. But the biggest part I have a wife that can handle them pretty dang well. Some days I don’t know how she does it but she gets through those days of the boys fighting, the girls crying and the stupid cat meowing with more patience than anyone.

I went on to tell him that to tell his wife that she just needs to step back for a little bit and watch all the changes. They just have 1 baby and I am not sure if they are having anymore due to the difficulty they had with the one. So I said tell her to enjoy it (I have to tell my wife this sometimes and then when I get frustrated with the kids she tells me the same thing), this could be it. We(me, my wife, anyone who is reading this if any) all get a little too mad and worked up over the stupidest of things when we really just need to step away and enjoy our growing kids. With the boys I have noticed so much changing so quick that I feel like I am missing so much when I am with the girls, yet they are growing faster than the boys and changing so much.
As I am writing this I wish that I wouldn’t have to work so that I could be home enjoying our kids more and more. Since I have to work I really need to thank my wife, I love her so much and she is so good with the kids I couldn’t imagine anyone else raising them. Like I said there are times I don’t know how she does it but she does and she does it with a smile. Love you honey.

 Love, Jon/DADA

P.S. my friend told me that when his wife gets like that from now on he was going to use us as an example and tell her “just think there could be 3 other kids, but we only have 1”.

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