Thursday, August 16, 2012

Old Settlers 2012

A couple weekends ago we spent the weekend in Maxwell for their Old Settlers town celebration. On Friday were the kids games. 

 {the girls making friends}
 Then we headed over to the "rides" part and the kids all have wristbands to ride as many rides as they wanted! We definitely got the use out of the wristband! The boys did the slide at least 40 times in the 2 days we were there! 

 The girls LOVED the little carousel. Julianne was obsessed with the horses of course! 


 {We also took the girls on this fun little ride, the boys liked it too...kinda reminded me of the tea cups!}

 Saturday morning was the parade and after we made fun plans for the day with The Cathcarts and The Fuhrmans they were short lived when the parade got rained out! 

 Luckily, we were sitting right in front of the fire station and to pass the time as it rained they were letting the kids sit in the firetrucks! They all still managed to get a ton of candy despite the rain. 

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