Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was CRAZY!! Ok, well not so much everyone else's weekend but mine was.  On Friday night I had a senior photo and then Saturday I had 8 photo sessions and on Sunday I had 8 photo sessions and then last night I had a newborn session in the studio! So I was in and out all weekend. Jon got in his 8 mile run on Saturday when I had a little 2 hour break. The kids enjoyed spending some quality daddy time.

  Yesterday I took all the kids to the boys' meet the teacher day, the boys were sooo excited to be in their same room as last year and with their same teachers (they switch around each year and just happened to now have the 4 year olds this year).  The girls just roamed the classroom while I was working with the boys and loved playing with all the toys! Yesterday besides the 2 hours we were gone in the morning I locked myself in the house all day and had the laptop chained to my lap and will do so again today except for the 2 hours I have to take all the kids to the doctor (girls' 15 month and boys' 4 year apts.) this morning. I'm BOUND and DETERMINED to have all 18 sessions edited BY Saturday when Jon and I have a wedding to shoot and then I have 5000 MORE pictures to go through!!

While Jon was on his run the kids and I played outside and the girls just LOVED when the boys pushed them in the little umbrella stroller up and down the sidewalk! 

{Jackson and Jocelyn}

{Joel playing with his race car}

 Oh Jewels you and your silly faces! 

 "Hey Jackson, where did your car go?"
 "I'll find it!"
 "Like it or not, I found it!!"

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