Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1st Day of Soccer Practice

August 23rd was a day of firsts for the boys...preschool that afternoon and then soccer practice that night! When we opened the door for them to get out they both said, "Mommy, me not so sure about this." I reassured them that they would have fun and meet new friends that some day they'll go to school with. They were excited once they saw the other "smaller kids" as they said playing versus the U12 teams that were right there when we got out of the van.  We're taking them up to Maxwell to play...where we want them to go to school in the next couple years when we are ready to move and get into a small school district so we thought this would be fun for them to go up there and play.  The first practice was sure funny! The boys had barely kicked a soccer ball before but there is a nice balance on their team (3) 5 year olds and (3) 4 year olds.  The boys are the youngest and smallest on the team.  We're excited to watch them grow this fall soccer season and hope they continue to enjoy it! 

 {Joel working on drills}


 {Jackson's favorite part of practice...playing all the fun games!} 
 {Listening to Coach Ryan}

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