Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Since I've become rather bad about posting lately I thought I would lump all our Halloween fun into one big post. So be prepared...lots of pictures below! 

On Saturday after my big families pictures in Ames we headed to my parents to hang out for the day and the kids all played together. We had intentions of taking them to Living History Farms for the Halloween fun but it was really chilly that night so we opted to dress the kids up and mom and dad's and take pictures of them all together. 

{Jocelyn the devil, Julianne is Piglet, Jackson is Batman, Joel is Superman, Brynna in Juliet and Braylan is Gnomeo} 

 On Monday night we carved the 6 pumpkins we had the kids were all sooo excited!! The girls loved playing in the guts and seeds and the boys didn't stop talking the entire time. Joel said at least 20 times that he love Halloween! 
 {Jossy and her spoon, she's all ready!}
 {Julianne getting in and pulling out her insides}

 {Joel scooping away at his pumpkin}
 {Jackson getting his hands all dirty}
 {Oh yumm, Julianne}

We were glad Jon's parents came up before we headed out last night so they could see the kids in their costumes and give them their Halloween goodies!  Then after we were all done my parents stopped over to do the same and see all the goodies the kids got.  We headed out around our neighborhood with Luke and Brady and families for Trick-or-Treating! 

 After watching the older kids just one time the girls knew exactly what to do and would grab their candy and run back to the wagon and put it in. Joel and Jackson were so cute...since we didn't take the girls up to each house they would ask for extra pieces of candy for their sisters and then throw it in the wagon at them before running to the next house.  

 The perfect way to haul the girls around! 

 Our pumpkin family all lit up last night! 

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Kyli and Ben said...

I can't believe how much Jossy loved her costume! Ha!

P.S. I love the police officer costumes! Tell Meggie we'll totally buy Luke's when he outgrows it!