Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hall of Fame Lunch

A couple weeks ago we had a lunch to celebrate the inductees into the Iowa Softball Hall of Fame. My grandfather was among the inductees.  We had a nice lunch and we were glad all of the family could be there as my grandmother accepted this award on behalf of my grandpa.  

We couldn't pass up the opportunity for a family picture with my aunt and uncle and their family! 
 My grandpa was a fast pitch pitcher and my dad was telling a story about catching for my grandpa and how he took a rise ball to the forehead one time.  
 And when my grandma chose the cemetery for my grandpa to be buried she chose the Elkhart cemetery so he could still see the softball fields lights even from there! These were some great stories I cherish! 
There was a really neat article in the Des Moines Register on October 20th about my grandpa and Gayln Johnson of Ankeny who was another inductee. But of course the article/webpage is no longer available online. 

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