Monday, November 12, 2012

What's been going on!

So I've been a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD BLOGGER!!!  This I know and well, can't help!  So what's been going on with the Waters family??

Me...I've been shooting, downloading, editing, burning and mailing (my job sounds violent, huh?!) Really though, I've been SOOO busy with photography it isn't even funny! If we didn't need the extra money for our fun stuff or whatever I SOOO would just quit taking pictures...I'm THAT burnt out!! Hate it when your hobby becomes your job??!! I do! I have ONE more weekend of 9 sessions on Saturday and 6 on Sunday this coming weekend and then I just have TWO more weekend days this YEAR to take pictures!! I 'm SOOOO VERY ready for a break!!!  It isn't the day that I'm gone for 9 hours taking pictures its all the time it takes to do the editing/posting/burning/etc.  I really do neglect my kids for like 3 days and pretty much let them fend for themselves, I do feed them during the day and change diapers, take them to preschool but that's about it, they are on their own to find things to do while I sit with the laptop on my lap THE.ENTIRE.DAY!  Hey, they aren't hurting for playmates, right?? And a mama has to do what a mama has to do in order to continue to stay home with her babes and make a living!  Other than pictures and working out in the really early morning...I really haven't been doing anything!  I AM looking forward to an afternoon of junkin' and drinks and craft show with some girlfriends on Friday AND a night out with the hubby for said girlfriend's birthday with a bunch of other friends...all while kids are at Grandma and Grandpa's house.'s a good thing he does the cooking in the house otherwise we'd all starve! He's been cookin' up some good meals around here.  The boys are begging for beef and noodles at least once a week and we've now made it a staple for the cold/winter months.  Jon has also been enjoying all the home Iowa games and the fun tailgates. We all went over to Iowa City (well minus the kids) a couple weekends ago and went to a game together. The tailgating was fun, the game not so much! Jon has gotten all the patio furniture put away and the outside all cleaned up for winter...the Christmas lights are next on his list! He's been running at work still and isn't looking forward to having to run on the treadmill at the gym in the next month.

Jackson...besides going to preschool 3 days a week. He's enjoyed playing with his garbage truck by tearing up every little piece of paper her finds!  He's been pretty mouthy in the last month or so and we're really been trying to work on the "have a good attitude, don't pout, don't cry you aren't a baby, stop talking back" far we aren't getting anywhere...its a work in progress, right??!! He LOVES to write his name and color/draw so we've been doing a lot of that too!

Joel...loves, loves, loves playing trains, but only when the babies are sleeping so they don't wreck his tracks! He LOVES preschool and is learning soo much. Both boys are little sponges and enjoy learning they wish they could go to preschool everyday.

Julianne...has really gotten into Micky Mouse and that oh so annoying "hot dog dance" music! Her days have been spent being chased and entertained by her brothers! Can't believe in a few short days she will be 18 months old!! She is not a vegetable eater, milk drinker or meat eater so meals have been interesting! Still a good eater but maybe the pickiest of the 4! She reads books all the time and loves trying to make all the animal sounds!

Jocelyn...still loves and carries her blanky everywhere. She rarely is without it and spends her days climbing all over the furniture and reading books. She loves nap time and I think if I'd let her she'd nap at least twice a day!

Well that's a little bit of what we've all been up to around here these past few weeks!! I will try and post pictures of the kiddos and do more "fun" posts this week!

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