Monday, December 24, 2012

Basement update!!

It has been FOREVER since I said I would show an updated picture of our NOW finished basement! We just got up all the new family pictures on walls and in the steps so I feel good about showing it off! 

{looking down the steps to the basement}

 {standing at the bottom of the steps looking into the basement, the leather furniture was picked out by Jon, he liked the baseball striping on it and I love the pillow covers that match the Iowa Hawkeye decor/theme we have going on!}
 {our Iowa Hawkeye tree we have down is Iowa Hawkeye through and through, even with little tigerhawk lights!}
 {most of the ornaments I ordered from Iowa Book and had a few made at local craft shows}
 {my FAVORITE wall!! We had everything done but this wall since May when we had the girls' 1st birthday party and we just got our pictures back and frames ordered and hung on the wall last week! I LOVE this family picture and then the individuals of the kids. This print is a 24x36 and the kids' are 12x12}

 {little canvas bins from Target are full of toys and color and markers which meat my standard of all the little toys being hidden}
 {the view from the bathroom to the kids area}

 {from the back of the basement looking up to the front}
 {another view of the kids' room the black toy box was made by Jon and my dad that is distressed to show some Hawkeye gold!}
 {looking toward the back of the basement where the fridge/freezer and the stand up freezer are}

 {looking into the bathroom the bench under the buffet has games in it}
 {the bathroom painted a pale yellow color}

 {looking into the bathroom..the white curtain has some of my props behind it and the little door to the left goes back to my studio and of course the shower to the right}
 {another view of the prop area}
 {looking up the hallway}
 {another view of the wall/basement}

 {Jon's favorite wall clock}
Well that is our Hawkeye basement with a little Christmas decor mixed in! Jon did such a fantastic job finishing everything and we just love our new space! 

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RockinMom said...

My son is drooling over your Hawkeye basement.Very cool!