Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jon is 30!!

On December 14th I had a surprise party for Jon at OverTime Restaurant Bar in Des Moines! He was very surprised and we had a lot of fun! After some yummy food and drinks we headed to the Clipper in Ankey and then to Kippy's in Elkart. The kids all stayed with Jon's parents so we had the chance to sleep in the next day which was sooo nice! 

Saturday afternoon we headed to Marhsalltown and had supper to celebrate his birthday and his dad's (they share a birthday) and one of the yummy Mexican restaurants there and then headed to Culver's for dessert. It was a great night and Jon is super excited to get his season tickets to the Iowa Football games as his present from him family!

On Sunday it was our 6 year anniversary and we spent the whole day at my parents doing our Christmas baking! We also celebrated Jon's 30th with my folks that night. I had made his favorite cupcakes that day so he blew out his candle that finalized the birthday celebrations! 

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