Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pool days

We have been spending tons of time at the pools here in town! We got at least 2-3 times a week.  The kids all love it! It is getting pretty challenging to take all 4 kids by myself though as now that both of the girls are walking a lot better they have NO fear and walk in the water up to their waist and fall down face first in the water! So I really have to keep a hand on both of them all while trying to watch the boys! It's been nice having Meggie and Mindy home because when we go to the pool most of the times we meet each other there and have a picnic beforehand and go in together so a couple extra sets of hands helps for sure! When we went to the pool last Sunday I actually took my camera for once since Jon was there too so here are some pictures from that day.  

 {Julianne walking through the sprinklers}
 {This girls is sooo happy when she is in the water...just love this face Miss Jewels!}

 {Daddy and Jossy hanging out watchin' the boys as they just came down the slide}


 {Joel and Jocelyn}

 {All 4 kiddos playing together!}
 What I really like about the new pool (Cascade Falls) is that the "little kids" area is ALL by itself! No rope seperating the deep end and the little sprinklers for the girls and the big slide the boys like to go down is ALL RIGHT THERE!! No having to be on opposite ends of the pool like the old pool (Prairie Ridge).  And we all LOVE the lazy river!! We each take a double tube and the boys ride/sit in the front hole and Jon and I each take a baby and sit/walk along in the back hole of the GREAT!!

{Jackson, Daddy and Joel waiting for the big bucket to dump on them!} 
 {Going down the slide...Jackson and Joel}

 Their friend Luke just got done with swimming lessons so he showed the boys how to go under water and hold your breath so the boys have been doing that too! They will love swimming lessons when they go in late July! 

 {Jackson jumping in backward!}

 {Jewels walked all the way out to this little thing (for those of you who go to this pool know what I'm talking about) and started climbing the stairs to go up...she is sooo determined and throws the biggest fit when she doesn't get her way!!}

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Thinking we've been spending a lot of time outside? 
Miss Julianne has the roll line tan line to prove it! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Natural Playscape

We had a wonderful weekend. For the first Saturday in probably 3 months I did NOT have any photo shoots! I went to Farrell's and Jon got his run in and then we headed to Lowe's to the Build and Grow program. This week they built a Luxury Assault Vehicle from Madagascar 3.  They had a fun time!!  Then on Sunday I have 4 photo sessions. One of which was at Jester Park.  There was this Natural Playscape there and the kids had a blast cooling on in the little pond on the super hot day! 

 {The boys playing in the waterfall}
 {Julianne loved sitting on the big rock in the middle of the pond dangling her feet in}
 {Oh Jossy you are always so happy!}
 {The best picture of the 4 of them!}
 {The girls on the rock}
We will have to go back there again.  This is a potential spot for me to take the boys' 4 year pictures in the next few weeks.  We'll just have to do that in the late evening as there is NO shade whatsoever there!! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Playground

Yesterday Meggie, Mindy and I took all the kids over to The Playground in Ankeny.  It is inflatable slides, bouncy houses, obstacle courses, etc. They all LOVED it...even the girls!!! 
 Jossy sportin' her is a little limp I see
 A terribly blurry picture but I love how she always sits like this!
 Jewels loved the bubbles
 Oh yes both of my baby girls are WALKERS!
 I think the boys went down this slide about 30 times!
 Julianne thought she was big stuff because she climbed up here all by herself!
 All us moms loved this place, it was super clean and it was nice because everything was right in a small area so you could sit and see and the kids. The room was more square versus rectangular like it is at Monkey Joe's, a similar type facility.  We will definitely be going back! 


 Oh baby girls you are just too cute!
{Jossy & Jewels}
 These boys didn't have any fun, right?!  
{Luke, Brady, Jackson & Joel}