Tuesday, July 31, 2012


When we were all out to mom and dad's I snapped some pictures of all the cousins together! 
 {Brynna, Julianne & Jocelyn}

 And of the babies...Jocelyn, Braylan & Julianne

 And the bigger babies! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


On Saturday for Jon's company picnic we headed to Adventureland. We got there right when they opened and made a dash for the log ride and raging river...before it got too busy! We stayed in the waterpark until 4PM and then got dressed and headed to dinner and then from 6-10PM we rode rides! The boys were bummed they were a finger width too short to ride the tornado but they loved all the other rides!  We all had a blast and the boys LOVED the wave pool and their favorite ride was the log ride! We had so much fun we're going to take the boys and go back in September! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4 year olds!

Today our baby boys are 4 years old! WOW we have had an amazing 4 years with these 2 wonderful boys.
They are both so loving and love to snuggle and are SUCH good big brothers to their sisters! They are helpful around the house and are such a joy to have in our lives, we are truly blessed! 

I took their 4 year old pictures a few weeks ago and even though it was a warm night the boys had fun and even though they aren't my easiest to photograph photography clients I still got some great pictures of them that capture their personalities!

{Jackson & Joel}
 {I just LOVE this one, Joel looking and laughing at his big brother}

 {Not sure what they were looking at here but what a cute moment}
 Joel you are such a lover, you are so thoughtful and kind.  You are a pleaser and peacekeeper and just want everyone to be happy!
 Jackson, you are a wonderful big brother.  You are caring and take care of the younger 3 kids like a little mother hen.  I love that you are such a big helper and want to do everything on your own! 

{Jackson & Joel}


{Jackson & Joel}


Today we are off to have lunch (since we have a full evening with bible school and swimming lessons) to the boys' favorite place to eat, Chili's and then to have a fun afternoon! Saturday the boys are excited for their Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday party! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping 10 Week Results!

 So I can't believe I completely forgot to blog about this! I didn't do a very good job blogging about my Farrell's journey this time around.  But at my 10 week party on June 4th I was shocked to learn that I was the $1,000.00 WINNER! I was so excited and so shocked that I won out of everyone who started their 10 weeks when I did! 

I lost 25.5 inches and 27 pounds and 7.5% body fat! I still have about 25 pounds to go but this was another successfull 10 week Farrell's session.  To see my results from 2009 click here.

Here is my picture BEFORE

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fun weekend

We had a wonderful weekend and I took lots of pictures but haven't had time to dump them off my camera...sooo that means you just get a quick little recap today!

*Saturday Jon's parents came up and watched the girls and baby Braylan while the rest of us headed to Adventureland for Jon and my dad's company picnic. We had a WONDERFUL time and the weather was perfect...kinda overcast didn't seem hot. We were glad we were there on Saturday and not Sunday when it was blazing hot! We had a late night and left the park right at 10 when it closed.

*Sunday after we got up we headed out in our jammies to mom and dad's for breakfast and to spend the day while Ben and Kyli and family were back. The kids all had a great time playing in the pool and "farming" with the toys. 

*This week is busy, bible school for the boys from 6-8pm and swimming lessons from 8:30-9:15pm! 

*PLUS, we have 2 little boys who are turning 4 on Wednesday and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party on Saturday to celebrate! 

Stay tuned for more posts this week and I promise to include pictures! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a wonderful weekend and it started on Friday (sorry no pictures of the kids today). We split the kids up, Jackson and Julianne (me and my baby as the boys say) went to Jon's parents and then Joel and Jocelyn went to my parents house for the night.  Jon and I then headed with some friends to the Madison County Winery for a fun night..a little TOO much fun for me! 

Then on Saturday Jon ran the Warrior Dash with Andy, Bryce and a couple of Bryce's coworkers. They had a great time and came home dirty! Saturday night we took the kids up to Summerfest for a few rides and to check things out.  

On Sunday, I had a couple more photo shoots and then we ran a few errands out in West Des Moines and then hung out at home the rest of the day.  It was a nice weekend! 

This week we've hung out inside for most of the week.  We've gone on our walk in the morning before it gets too hot! Today and tomorrow I think we'll venture to the pool and have a little picnic.  The boys are excited. Then on Saturday we're heading to Adventureland for Jon's company picnic with my mom, dad, Michael, Ben and his family.  The girls are bowing this one out and staying cool at our house with Jon's parents.  

Here are a couple pictures from Jon's race on Saturday

Monday, July 16, 2012

Science Center

A couple weeks ago when Jon was home we took the kids to the science center in Des Moines.  We had heard only good things about that even the girls would enjoy it! We got there right when it opened at 9am and when we left at noon I don't think anyone was really ready to go! All the kids had such a wonderful time and even rushed though some parts. We will for SURE be going back soon and this is going to be a must have membership for next year! 

{the girls enjoying the pins}
{we spent the majority of our time in the little discoveries room, the boys loved the fishing}

{Julianne wouldn't leave this alone!}

{The boys' favorite part was the shopping!}

{Oh goodness Jewels freaked out when she saw these little lambs on the wall}

{the bubble bay was a hit but we had to limit the girl's access to it they were soaked from playing in it!}
{this was another fun room with the ball wall and the rocket launch}
{Julianne was sooo mad she couldn't reach these animals when the boys were doing their puppet show}