Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1/2 Marathon - Omaha!

This past weekend we all headed to Omaha so Mindy, Jon and Bryce could run in the Omaha 1/2 Marathon. On Saturday when we got over there the runners picked up their packets, we checked into the hotel and then headed to the yummy Upstream restaurant for drinks and supper. It was an early night to bed and then up early the next morning for a freezing cold 7AM race! The runners all did great and Jon finished his first 1/2 marathon in under his 2 hour goal!!  After the race the 3 runners showered up and we headed to lunch at a Mindy's friend Abbey's grandfather's restaurant, Michael's. We then ventured home and went and picked up the kiddos who spent a fun weekend including all sorts of farm fun and trip to the orchard on Sunday.  Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping the kids so we could enjoy this couple weekend away!! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Semi-wordless Wednesday

Jossy...she looks pretty pathetic I know.  She walks around the house like this all the time. You'd never know she didn't take a paci her whole 1st year with how attached she is to it and her blanky now! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sandbox fun

Our girls may look all cute and girly but Jocelyn especially is a tomboy at heart! Whenever possible she runs to the backyard to the sandbox and digs in the sand, picks up rocks and puts in a bucket and carries them around, digs in the dirt...anything to get dirty she does it! Julianne loves the sand and getting dirty too but not nearly as much as her little sister!  

I realized the other day that I hadn't gotten any pictures of the girls playing where they love to play most...the sandbox. So even though they look all cute/girly this is how we normally dress around here most days, these girls love to wear their pretties EVEN when playing in the sand! 
 {Jossy screaming at Jewels as she tries to get in the sandbox!}

 {Oh yeah...sand tastes so yummy!!}

Monday, September 17, 2012

1st soccer game

On September 8th the boys had their first soccer game in Colo.  They were sooo excited but when we got to the field they both said, "mommy, I'm not so sure about this". With a little reassuring they got out there and did a good job and most importantly had fun!! Since Jon is at the home Iowa Hawkeye football games the whole month of September I taped the game for him to watch. So between my tripod with the video camera on it and my big camera I looked like the mamarazzi out there taking pictures of my baby boys!!

 {Jossy sporting all her Hawkeye gear!} 

 {Julianne hung out with Grandma during the game}
 {Joel and Jackson after their 1st soccer game!!}

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Wordy" Wednesday

Know what this is?  
Oh come on, doesn't everyone make a "pig family" out of over-sized zucchinis from your mom's garden?  
 Oh well, we do and this was something I did as a kid all the time with my mom and grandma so Nana had to send supplies home with the boys to make their first pig family.  The one of the left...that's Sophie she has the tail the boys insisted on that and whiskers then there is one for each of us! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1st Day of Soccer Practice

August 23rd was a day of firsts for the boys...preschool that afternoon and then soccer practice that night! When we opened the door for them to get out they both said, "Mommy, me not so sure about this." I reassured them that they would have fun and meet new friends that some day they'll go to school with. They were excited once they saw the other "smaller kids" as they said playing versus the U12 teams that were right there when we got out of the van.  We're taking them up to Maxwell to play...where we want them to go to school in the next couple years when we are ready to move and get into a small school district so we thought this would be fun for them to go up there and play.  The first practice was sure funny! The boys had barely kicked a soccer ball before but there is a nice balance on their team (3) 5 year olds and (3) 4 year olds.  The boys are the youngest and smallest on the team.  We're excited to watch them grow this fall soccer season and hope they continue to enjoy it! 

 {Joel working on drills}


 {Jackson's favorite part of practice...playing all the fun games!} 
 {Listening to Coach Ryan}

Monday, September 10, 2012

1st Day of Preschool

On August 23rd the boys had their first day of preschool they were SOOO very excited! They are in the 4 year old 3 day a week program this year at Our Lady's Little Learners Preschool.  So far they are doing really well and want to go everyday.  Next year they'll go everyday to their Pre-K program!  
 {the girls thought they needed to get into the picture!}

 Running down the hall sooo excited!! 

 {little Jossy holding daddy's hand}