Friday, February 15, 2013

"CLEANING" Friday!!

If you came looking for Fatherhood Friday's Jon is not writing this week (truth is its been a LONG while since he's posted something)! Anyway I'm posting about what Friday is in our house, even the kids know..."cleaning DAY!" Oh yeah, cleaning day, how exciting, no?! 

The boys wake up and automatically start taking the sheets off their beds and throwing them in the wash. I instruct on Friday mornings so when I get home I try and get some of it done I don't need 16 hands helping with like bathrooms, laundry started and so on. The girls love shoving clothes into the washer and dryer their newest word is "help" so they repeat that over and over until I let them help. When I'm doing the bathroom the boys tend to run off with a Clorox wipe to do their own "cleaning" and I give the girls baby wipes and they also do some "cleaning."  After breakfast I usually sweep and mop the floors and then we go to the basement and I do the cleaning down there including my studio while the kids play.  I do sweeping and mopping of the floors after breakfast and then do the vacuuming. Throughout the day the laundry is still going  and all 5 beds get made and toys are organized and all is well. Then the afternoon we enjoy the day! 

It takes a little bit longer than it should but with 4 little helpers but it makes it "fun" well as fun as cleaning can be! 

Have a good Friday and weekend everyone! 

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