Thursday, April 4, 2013

EASTER at Mom and Dad's

We ALWAYS have Easter lunch at my grandma's house but this year she decided last minute to head to Missouri so plan B stop out to mom and dad's for lunch with them! We got out to their house after church and snapped a few pictures and then put on our "farm" clothes to play outside. The boys enjoyed playing the turtle game with papa, watching an old turtle video and most of all the clue hunt to their Easter baskets and of course the Easter egg hunt. We had a great afternoon  before heading to Marshalltown.  

{listening to Papa read the clue!}

{Jossy so excited to head to the next clue}
{we went all over the yard from the campfire, the pool shed, the big rock, the shed, rock pile, Jessie's kennel and back to the house where the baskets were in the bathtub! 

{Julianne loving her Mickey and Minnie Mouse figurines}
{it was turtle time for the boys...they are in love with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!} 
{new cover-ups and sunglasses for the girls...Minnie Mouse nonetheless!}
{hunting eggs}

Thanks for such a great time Mom and Dad!! Tomorrow its all about Easter with Pat & Joan! 

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