Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter EGGS!!

On Friday night we finally found time to dye Easter eggs!! I had newborns in the studio ALL week and Friday I had a session at 5 and a positional client come over to interview me so by time we actually started dying eggs it was 7pm! Oh well!! We had to run to Walgreens to get egg dye (that's how unprepared and busy I was this week) and we stopped at Sonic on the way home and got the kids slushes. They love them! Then we started in on the fun! The girls weren't so sure what all the hype was about but the boys jumped right in and showed them how its done! 
{Julianne...she's such a poser!}
 {she was more into her slush than the egg dying!}
 {Jackson having a fun time!}
 {Joel working on the red eggs}
 {Mama helping Jewels}
 {my mini-me!!}
More Easter fun/posts to come this week!! 

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