Wednesday, April 3, 2013

EASTER morning!

On Sunday morning we woke the kids up by 6:30 and let them follow their jelly bean trail to their Easter basekets...the girls thought this was sooo fun! The boys couldn't wait to check out their baskets!! 

{The boys}
 {Joel loving his new plate}
 {Jackson LOVES his turtle shirt!}
 {Julianne checking out her Minnie Mouse basket}

 {New pretties for the girls with Minnie Mouse on them}
 {Jocelyn loving her new book!}
 We then ehaded to the basement for an Easter egg hunt! We had 143 eggs for the 4 kids to find!!}
 {Jossy got fixated on one egg again}
 {Jewels showing me her "snarly" face}

{The boys making sure its fair and they each have the same....totally their own doing!} 

 {Jossy putting her money in her piggy bank}

{Jewels showing me her empty egg}
 After our egg hunt we got all dressed up and headed back to the basement for a quick photo 10 minute photo shoot before we headed out the door for 8:30 mass.  
{Jackson, Julianne, Jocelyn & Joel}
 {Daddy and his kids}

{Mama and her babies}
 {Joel showing off his ninja moves}
 {Pretty little princess Jocelyn}
 {Julianne and her Mickey Mouse}

{A couple family shots outside!}


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Anonymous said...

Those ties and pink shirts are adorable. Jess