Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saturday Easter FUN!!

Saturday morning we were all up and ready to head out the door by 8:15! We made a quick stop at Target for rain boots for the girls, I bought a pair from Kohls, their smallest size and they were too big (we'll save those for later) after a successful Target trip we headed up to Maxwell for cinnamon rolls and breakfast burrito breakfast along with Easter bunny pictures before their annual egg hunt. It is normally outside BUT with it pouring rain they had it in both of the gyms in the school which was NICE!! The kids had a blast and got some great prizes!! 
{Jackson & Joel}
 {Julianne hunting eggs}
 {Jocelyn found 1 egg and then wanted to just play with that egg}
 After the egg hunt was over in Maxwell we headed to Des Moines to the mall to ride the train and see the Easter bunny. The kids loved looking at the rubber ducks in the fountain.  We spent some time playing around and then headed to Smokey D's for lunch, a favorite of ours, made a quick stop at Tractor Supply to see the baby ducks and chicks and then to Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee and Fareway for groceries! It was a crazy busy day but we all had a great time and the kids were all so good even without naps! 
{Jocelyn and Jackson}
 {Joel, Jossy, Jewels & Jackson} 
 {Jocelyn ALWAYS sits like this....it hurts my knees just looking at her!}
 {The boys were the only ones who wanted to see the Easter bunny}
 As always the train was a hit! 

Tomorrow will be Easter Sunday at home, Thursday with my parents and Friday with Jon's parents...I know you're thinking that's a WHOLE lotta Easter but I have lots of pictures...too many to lump in 1 day! Stay tuned my friends! 

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