Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Celebrating "me"!

On Sunday my crew let me sleep in and after I rolled out of bed at 9am we headed to our favorite breakfast buffet place and then ran a couple errands around town. After we got home I took all the kids for a little 3 mile bike ride the boys did GREAT on their bikes the whole time and the girls LOVED riding in the burley and I'm LOVING my new hybrid bike I got for my birthday (thank you mom and dad)! After the bike ride the girls took a little nap and the the boys helped daddy put up the girls' new trampoline they got for their birthday from grandma and grandpa! So far it is a HUGE hit with all the kids!! Jon made me a yummy supper, filet with parmesean crust on top SUPER GOOD! Then we went to Cherry Berry for dessert and finished our day with popcorn on the couch and a movie. It was a GREAT Mother's Day!!

{the boys giving me their gift they made at preschool}
 {mama and Joel}
 {Mama and Jackson}
 {my pretty necklace that Jon picked out for me from the kids}
 {Miss Julianne}

 {me and my 4 kiddos! love them all to pieces!!}
 {Julianne & Jocelyn in their new Jeep they LOVE to "drive their car"! Thanks Nana and Papa!}

 {Getting ready for the bike ride}
 {Jon putting the trampoline together}

 {"Mama show me how you play crack the egg game!"}

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