Friday, May 3, 2013

Feeding the ducks!

Its hard to believe these pictures were take on Sunday when it was over 80 degree and yesterday we were getting snow!! 

We got the bikes out and headed down the road to a little pond where there are LOTS of ducks/geese and we took a loaf of bread and the kids had a blast feeding them! Jossy mostly, she is always asking to see more ducks (she says more and signs it at the same time so cute) and when I leave the bank she asks to go the back way (through the apartment complex) to get back on the road to our house. She likes it when I roll the windows down in the van and she can hear them talking/honking and can see them.  We even have a male and female duck that have been coming up to our back patio the last couple days to eat the kids get soooo excited!! 

 {oh boy...they are so excited to see them!}
 {Julianne getting all excited!}

 {Oh Jossy you are sooo cute!}

 {the boys wouldn't take their bike helmets off}

 {Julianne, not the best pictures but I love her excitement!}

 {daddy and his girl!}
 {Jossy saying more and signing it at the same time...I'm so glad I captured this, blurry or not}
 {mama and her mini-me!}

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