Monday, July 1, 2013


I've had TONS of photo shoots lately, about one every night for the last month and about 12-16 on the weekends.  It's great that I'm busy and I'm so thankful I just feel like I'm on overload with pictures!! The kids came with me to one shoot and Jon had a picnic with them and they got in some park time and had a blast! My little brother has been helping me out TONS and has been over to watch the kids for me in the evenings, that is sooo nice to have him so willing and he is great with the kids and they all love him! 

During the days we've been busy heading to the pool, to Adventureland to either ride rides or swim at the pools there, we've also done the zoo and science center a few times. We definitely keep busy and the kids are never short on things to do! 

We've also been getting use to Jon being gone for his new job a couple nights a week. Today marks the day he is officially done with training and is out making calls on his own from now on. He is excited cause he officially gets his company car today!! YEAH!!! 

The boys had their 2nd sleep over last Friday. Luke and Aunt Janna were able to stay over, we had popcorn and watched a movie to calm down and get ready for bed they had a great time even though it was only for a short amount of time since this past weekend brought another busy weekend!

On Saturday night the boys camped out to my parents house with Uncle Michael and his friend...Joel slept until 10am on Sunday...I'd say he was tired!!  We cleaned up all our storage that was in mom and dad's shed and went through all 50 totes we had (10 of which were my old work clothes) and burnt stuff, have a goodwill pile and I had a couple friends come out and go through stuff. So nice to get rid of things. We also helped do landscaping demolition in order to prep for this weekend laying a new walkway to mom and dad's pool and a patio in front of the pool. I have a full weekend of pictures lined up for Saturday and Sunday. 

We have our family pictures tonight and on Friday night we have family pictures with Jon's family! We also have a very special birthday on Wednesday, Jon's mommy of which we'll celebrate on Friday night after our pictures. Should be a great week and weekend!! 

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goforvacations said...

I agree with you, having ton photos of our children make us have memorial event throughout their live and they will be a big meaning when they growing up.