Friday, August 30, 2013

1st Day of Pre-K 2013

After a crazy busy weekend, Friday was spent moving and cleaning, Saturday Jon and I shot a wedding in Centerville and didn't get home until 11:30pm and then we were up and early Sunday to finish moving. We were done by noon and then had the afternoon/early evening to get settled at my parents house where they have graciuosly taken in our family of 6 for a few weeks until we close on our new acreage/house! We're sooo glad we're here with them for this time and excited for the kids too as they start a new adventure! 

So on Monday, August 26th the boys started Pre-K at their brand new preschool (it is literally a brand new school it just opened and is AMAZING!) they were sooo excited!! So far they have loved it this week and are looking forward to going back next week!! 

{Jackson on his 1st day}
 {Joel on his 1st day!}
 {the boys}

 {all 4 kiddos!}
 {hanging up backpacks}
 {Julianne LOVED the preschool too and didn't want to year they will go as 3 year old!}
 {answering the question of the day}
 {answering how they are feeling}
 {signing their first and last names}
 {Joel and Jackson with their teacher Mrs. Plunkett}

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Anonymous said...

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