Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick update!

What's been going on with us lately you ask? A whole lot of changes and excitement are underway at the Waters house and all of these contribute to my lack of blogging and honestly I don't remember the last time I even READ someone else's blog. I'm never on the internet anymore for anything besides work! So here's what's been going on with us....

*I started coaching at Farrell's in addition to new group started on Saturday and I had my first workout with them...they did GREAT! I have 5 new students at 4:20am and they are all excited to get healthy and lose some weight!!
*My photography has been crazy!! I had 9 sessions this past weekend and I have a newborn EVERY night this week!! AND I have 7 more moms due with babies in the next week and a half!! So lots of newborn sessions to come during the week! I also start my wedding season on April 6th so I'm gearing up for that wedding as well.
*I had a garage sale 2 weekends ago at our house and got rid of 5 totes of clothes and then this past weekend was the big multiples garage sale and I got ride of 3 more totes of clothes/toys/etc. We are down to just FOUR totes of clothes to sell!! YEAH!!!
*I'm still instructing at Farrell's at least 2 days a week in either the morning or evenings and have been getting up to workout or if I'm up late the night before I hit up the evening class. 
*This past week was spring break for the boys and we went somewhere every day and did something fun! So we were gone all last week from 9am until about 2 everyday!!

*Got a promotion at work and will be starting his new job on April 15th. He's excited to get a company car, phone and computer and will now be traveling 2 nights a week. He'll get to play a lot of golf this summer with his customers and I know he is looking forward to that among many of the other benefits of this new job!
*He took off work last Friday to go with the kids and I and Michael bowling to Bass Pro Shop. We all had a great time and were glad to have daddy home for an extra day!
*Him and I are coaching Jackson and Joel's spring soccer team which will start practice on April 1st. We will practice on Mondays and have games on Thursday. We're excited to be getting involved more in the kids' activities.
*This past Saturday he headed up to Maxwell for soccer field clean-up prep and he helped paint fields and hang nets and get it all ready to go!

The kids
*They all enjoyed our fun last week and I think they wish we could have weeks like that EVERY week!! They liked having Uncle Michael come with us 2 days last week to play too.
*The boys are getting really good at some of their fun games on the tablet...they like to take turns with that!
*The girls enjoy pushing around their babies, Minnie Mouses, and other things in their strollers and just are content playing all day! 
*The boys love to play with their turtles and the girls do too...I'm so glad they all play well together..most of the time! 

Well there's a quick little update for those of you that are still sticking around! I'll try and get some pictures of this week of the kids I know those are more fun than these boring posts but just wanted to let ya'all know we're still alive...just crazy busy! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Don't your kids wear stocking hats inside like mine??

Monday, March 11, 2013

Last basketball game

A couple Saturdays ago the boys had their last basketball game! They were sad for the season to be over with and are looking forward to playing again next winter. We told them that soccer was starting again in a few weeks and that got them all excited for something else fun to do!! 
 The girls enjoyed the game having a few snacks! 

 The boys' team, the Lumberjacks minus 3 boys who weren't there. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013


The kids sure all love to jump on the trampoline they got for Christmas! Jackson says to me, "Mommy hurry get your camera all 4 your kids are jumping at the same time!" 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fatherhood Friday's

Knock on wood, I'm not going to lie but things around our house have been pretty easy here lately.
Great I just jinxed us. With everyone growing up it seems to be getting a lot easier with the kids at our

The girls no longer have pacifiers and have figured out how to sleep without them and are sleeping great
through the night.

The boys are getting to an age where they are helping more and more which is taking more and more off
of us. They are getting their clothes out, putting them on, taking them off, putting them in the washer,
putting them away, getting their own plates for meals to the table, putting their dishes away when done with meals, getting their own snacks, wiping their own butts, the list can go on and on but I have to admit that it is

Everyone has been healthy in our house for the past few weeks which means no wiping noses all day
long or waking up every hour in the night.

With everyone in better moods and able to do more we are trying to do more. Having little projects for
the boys to help with and letting the girls have more and more freedom with coloring and playing with
new toys.

All and all I would say that life is pretty good right now and you won't hear too many complaints from
the Waters house other than: the snow, the cold, the rabbits under my shed, the dogs that crap in our
yard (yeah we don’t have a dog but I know who does) and the amount of time it is taking to get our tax
return back.

Have a great weekend everyone!