Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big GIRLS....Potty training the girls!

A couple weeks ago we decided it was time to potty train the girls. We were actually ready in October but we hadn't moved yet, I was still pregnant and worried about being put on bed rest and then the holidays snuk up on us and then delivery of the babies and then it was January 1st!! Goodness where did those months go! We started the girls potty training the same week we were all 6 hit with the flu. Finally by Friday we were all healthy so it was time!! We did the EXACT same thing we did with the boys and the girls ROCKED it as well!! We are sooo proud of them and with just a couple accidents a piece they have stayed dry at night all but 1 night over the last couple weeks and they LOVE being in big girl panties. So much so we had to document it! 


 {sister love!}

 {and of course Joel and Jackson had to jump in too!}

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Jenn Meckley said...

Your children are beautiful! New follower here!