Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas MORNING!!

This is the LAST of my Christmas updates!! We had a GREAT Christmas with all of our families and we all got some AWESOME gifts and were spoiled like crazy! The kids were all up at 8 on Christmas morning (Jon was sick and could hardly get out of bed but did just for a short time in the morning). The boys are excited for their BB Guns that Santa brought them and some new Power Rangers Megazords and the girls LOVE all their dress up clothes and My Little Ponies. After we opened our stockings and Santa gifts the kids opened gifts from Jon and I.  Afterwards we had our annual monkey bread for breakfast before Papa came over to help me get things opened and picked up around the house from the morning chaos since Jon was out of commission. I so appreciate him coming over to help me out that morning!! Dad and I got the kids all cleaned up and headed into my Grandma Schauper's house for lunch. Jon had made up a bacon stuffed pork loin on Monday night so that's what we had for was sooo yummy!!! The kids got a couple nice gifts in there and it was nice hanging out with my extended family which wrapped up our Christmas celebrations! 

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