Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas with Great Grandma Millie

On Monday we headed to Ankeny to celebrate Chrsitmas with my grandma.  We had a yummy taco bar for lunch and pies from Village Inn for dessert, nothing better than an Oreo Creme Pie!! The kids all had fun playing together and the LOVE the new pj's they got from their Great Grandma. The adults did their annual good gift and recycled gift exchange which is always fun and then we played a few games of Catch Phrase before heading home. We had a great day seeing Grandma and my aunt and uncle and cousins from Minnesota.  

After a wonderful Christmas with everyone we headed out in our jammies to the movie theater to get some popcorn and got some drinks and drove around Ankeny looking at Christmas lights. it was a great end to a good day!

{Braylan had too much fun and crashed in Ann's arms!}
{haha, 2 magic bullets in the good gift exchange and they went home to mom and son in the same family!}

{Jewels had to look like Nana with her glasses on playing on her phone!}

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