Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas with Nana and Papa

On Sunday the 22nd we spent the day with my parents. Lots of food was had from biscuits and gravy for breakfast, lots of appetizers for lunch and steaks for was all yummy!! My kids were excited to spend the whole day with their cousins! We had just gotten a bunch of snow that day so the boys had a blast being pulled on the sled by the 4 wheeler!! All the little ones napped and then we opened presents. The kids were all spoiled and we had such a fun time celebrating Christmas with everyone!! 
 {Jossy was most excited about her blue power ranger!!}

 {this was sooo cute, at each Christmas the girls would stack their presents on top of their laps and just sit and wait their turn to open, way more patience than the boys}

 {the boys LOVE playing with their new game table!}
 {all the kiddos eating supper at Braylan and Brynna's new picnic table Papa made them}
 {the 6 grandkids}
 {Nana and Papa and their grandkids!}

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