Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An AMAZING 100 year old!!

On February 2nd my grandma turned 100!! She is the strongest and most loving woman I know. She was in the hospital the week prior to her birthday with a mild stroke and now is back at her HOME doing great and planning out her garden for this spring/summer! She is truly amazing and we had so much fun celebrating her on her big day. A lot of the community and friends came up to help her celebrate as well!!

Simply beautiful!!

 {Gram and her sister!}

 {My mama and her mama!}

 {4 generations!}

 {My mom with her siblings...she is the only girl out of 6!}

 {{My family with my gram!}
 {My kiddos with their great grandma!}

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Mandy said...

Your grandma is beautiful! What a great memory to make with your family!