Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A 3rd Birthday Party they will NEVER forget!!!

2 weekends ago we had the girls' 3rd birthday party at our house! When I started planning this months ago I asked them what they wanted to do for a party and they BOTH said "Rapunzel" party (it was right after we went to Valley West to see some of the princesses there). So Rapunzel themed party is what we did and what better way to have a princess party than to have Rapunzel herself come!! And of course thanks to Pinterest I had all the details to match and the girls loved everything! From food being served in cast iron pans and pots to blue jello boats with a little clementine slice as the boat and a purple flag with a star to Rapunzel's tower made out of donuts. I didn't do a good job of caputring the food set up but it was all yummy and looked so pretty!

We were so glad so many of our friends and family could come and help celebrate and bring their princesses and princes. Everyone had a great time playing with each other and Rapunzel was a huge hit she never broke character! 

{having lunch on the deck}
{julianne and brynna}
{kamdyn & eko}
{the chrisco kids}
{there were 8 helmets and 8 crowns!!}
{favors for the boys and girls I put together}

{Rapunzel just arrived and some of the girls are seeing her for the first time!!  I love Julianne's face below!}

{part of her Royal Visit was reading them a story}

{they are ALL under her spell whatever she says goes!! it was so cute to see all their faces!!}

{helping the girls open gifts}

{the girls getting their cards read to them}

{blowing out candles!}

{Rapunzel and Julianne!}

{Rapunzel and Jocelyn}

{Rapunzel and Eko}

{Rapunzel and Brynna}
{Rapunzel and Prince Braylan}

{Rapunzel and Ruby & Piper}
{Rapunzel and Julianne and Joclyn}

{Rapunzel with all the kiddos}
{the kids exploring}

{Rapunzel with Brynna, Jocelyn and Julianne}

{Rapunzel with me and the girls}

{Rapunzel with our family just as she was getting ready to leave}

{telling everyone bye!}

{Rapunzel and Kaylyn!}

As I said it's been 2 weeks since the party and the girls are still talking about it...I call that a 3rd birthday party success!!

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