Friday, May 2, 2014

Fun outing....

A couple weeks ago after I picked the boys up from school we headed to DSM and even at that point the kids didn't know where we were going. We did some shopping, ran some other errands and then at 2 that afternoon we checked into the hotel. They all smelled the pool right away and were sooo exited!!! Then when they all the stuff for the indoor waterpark they JUST.COULD.NOT.WAIT!!! We spent the rest of the day into the evening in the pool and then the next morning as well.  The kids are all still talking about it and sweet Julianne is still asking when we can go back to our home where we used the sleeping bags and had the pool! Too cute!!! 

 the kids know no strangers....all 4 of them had friends they played with the ENTIRE TIME!! So fun to watch!! 

 {Julianne, Jackson, Joel & Jocelyn}

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