Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This is the boys' first year playing t-ball. The league that Collins-Maxwell plays in is actually with Huxley so we travel between Maxwell and Huxley for their games. They are loving it and after a the first few games trying to figure out if they are going to throw right OR left handed we determined (after buying a glove for each hand) that they can throw with either! One side isn't better than the other...yet! They are batting left handed like their mama did so that makes me happy. Now if we can just work on their focus on the field :) They have 9-10 kids on their team (there are 2 t-ball teams for Collins-Maxwell) and they are excited to have some preschool friends on their team! Here are some pictures of their last game! 

 {LOVE this picture...Jackson & Joel}

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