Thursday, August 28, 2014

1st Day of Kindergarten!!

On Auguat 18, 2014, the boys started their FIRST day of kindergarten!! They weren't really all that excited to start kindergarten but with all the talk about how much fun they were going to have, riding the bus everyday, and seeing their friends they started to get excited!! 

{Jackson  & Joel...1st day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Ericson!!}
{walking up to the bus on their first day}
{the boys getting on the bus...the bus driver, is one of the coaches that my brother's had when they were in middle school and a family nice to see a familiar face on that day!! And actually their kindergarten teacher, she had my youngest brother as a preschooler and a lot of the teachers that are still teaching at the school are teachers that I had...LOVE IT!!}
{after they got on the bus, the girls and I loaded up in the van and headed into Collins to meet the boys before they went into school. All the kids line up outside the school until the bell ring, they were happy to see familiar faces and ride the bus with these 2 friends they had in Pre-K!}
{My 4 babies!!}
{Joel and Jackson with Mrs. Ericson!}
They had a wonderful 1st day and for the first 3 days the kids were out at 1:30. Then they went a full day last Thursday and then got out early on Friday because of the heat and out early on Monday this week because of the heat and had a full day on Tuesday. They are LOVING kindergarten!! 

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