Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Turning 6...3 full days of celebrating!!

It's been one month since our boys had their 6th birthday and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it! Internet woes....a downside to living in the middle of no where, limited high speed internet!

On Friday, July 25th was the boy's 6th birthday and we had 3 full days of celebrating!! Just like for the girls' birthday they wanted to pick where they wanted to go for dinner and then also go to a movie. We let the boys open their presents from us and the girls and then we dropped the girls off with my parents and headed to Ankeny to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. It was sooo good, wish I would've seen the first one, but the boys had and they filled us all in on our way there. After the movie it was about 5:30 and we headed over to their favorite restaurant, Hu Hot! One of our favs too! We had a great time and went and picked up the girls and headed up! 

{Jackson & Joel the birthday boys}
{the girls just watching!}
{IPad Minis for each of them!} 

{New covers of course!}

{one of their favorite things to do...dress-up! New costumes to add to the collection. I think they got, Spiderma, Black Spiderman (Venom), Flash & Ironman}

{New squirt guns!}

{Miss Jocelyn}

On Saturday we had family over to celebrate! Aunt Janna came over in the afternoon and they took her outside and tried out their new squirt guns and had a huge water fight! They were glad she got to come over and spend some time with them. Then that evening the rest of the family came over for supper, we grilled, had sweet corn and potatoes on the grill and some yummy side salads! Nana and Papa brought over their 4-wheeler and go-cart and the kids had so much fun...the boys drove the go-cart by themselves all over!! 

{Joel & Jackson}

{Remote control jet skis to use on the pond!!}

{Breaking the pinata!!}
{Brynna's turn!!}
{Jackson getting ready to blow out his candles!!}

{Joel's turn!!}
{The boys had their personalized chocolate chip cookies while the rest of us ate Nana's texas sheet cake brownies with homemade ice cream!} 

The FINAL day of celebrating....Sunday was the big friends birthday party! They wanted to invite all the boys from their pre-k class...we had 12 little boys was sooo much fun!!  Right when all the kids got there at 11 they had water fights, went through the sprinkler, down the slip-n-slide and jumped on the trampoline through the sprinker and rode the tractors and jeep all over the year. At about noon we called the boys up to the garage and they all decorated their own mini homemade pizzas. They went back to playing and with the help of my mom and Meggie we got the pizzas cooked and seved!  

{After lunch we opened presents, gave all the kiddos their gooby bags}

{All the kids enjoying the party!}
{Then it was time for cake and ice cream!!}
{PINATA time!!!} 

{it FINALLY broke open!!!}
{Then it was the moment they all had been waiting for...the WATER BALLOON FIGHT!!} 
{It was such a fun weekend and so glad we packed so much in and had a great time celebrating our boys turning 6!!}

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