Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A house tour...Inside view!

{this is a pretty long post/with lots of pictures and house updates!}

FINALLY...after almost a year of living in our house (will be a year end of October) I am FINALLY posting pictures of our house. We have done TONS of work to it for about 3 month prior to moving in and also as we've been living here but none of the MAJOR projects. So here is your official house tour and along the way I'll say what we've done in each room and what the upcoming vision is.

The 4th bedroom - currently my studio (this will be one of the boy's room and the other boys' room will be on the other side of this wall...the 5th bedroom (coming this winter). Also in my studio the 2 small basement windows will be egress windows coming this winter/spring. 
We put in new light fixture, painted the walls and ceiling, put on new brushed nickel door knobs and knobs (from the old ugly gold), replaced all the outlets and outlet covers from the almond to white and I made curtains for the windows. 
This is the main "living" area in the basement. The wall to the left with the cutout is coming out this winter and in the far back on this room above the small window (that will be another egress) is where the 5th bedroom will go. Once the wall on the left is out it will open up the living area. 
A view of the this room we painted the ceiling, put in new fixtures (as before they were the long halogen looking kitchen lights totally 70s). We of course painted the ceiling, walls and wainscoting (it was a light oak color before), replaced the door knobs and hinges, replaced out the outlets, covers and light switches and covers. Along with the basement redo this outside wall is currently just the outside wall with paneling slapped onto the bricks and is NOT insulated, so we will be insulating the basement fully and hanging new drywall and such along with replacing this window and outside door to a slider so it is more air tight. 
This is a view of the current toy area looking up to the font of the living area. This is standing in the soon-to-be 5th bedroom, one of the boys' rooms. 
This is the view of the basement standing at the stairs as you come down. As you can see both rooms are SUPER long and the basement is HUGE. On the middle of the right side of the picture you can kinda see a white countertop...there was also an island, and sick that went out across the room from that counter. We took this out and blocked off the sink (as it only spit out dirt) but this was obviously used as a kitchen space in the basement before. And the mirror wall on the right...totally 70s style...that is going!! The ceiling tiles were all painted here and cupboards all painted as they were a light oak color (they are great for storage we'll have to figure out if we want to put new ones in or something for storage of craft supplies for the kids, etc). 
This is the view of the back of the room standing by the pool table looking toward the stairs. The closest on the right of the picture, we replaced the beleved doors with pretty white ones and then we had water in our basement a few months ago (from poor downspout construction) and we had to pitch those so now I've hung white curtains which works for the meantime. The water in the basement sparked the need to redo the basement this winter. The inside of the house is not tiled, they tiled the outside but in the 70s they didn't tile the inside so you can see when we moved in that all of the outside walls had once been wet so we're having a tiling system put in by Iowa Foundations which we will cut up 8 inches from the bottom of the wall up and 6 inches on the floor and they will put in tiling and rock so we'll neve have a wet basement again AND we'll get to insulate the walls as well at that time. 
Another view of the closets and cupboards....the ceilings when we redo the basement we think we are going to leave an industrial look and just paint all the duct work as the ceilings are so low. 
LOTS of storage!! The kids' dress up clothes in the armoire. 
Looking up the stairs and that door on the left is currently a storage room but it has a urinal (yeah we aren't sure the point of that), a toilet, sink and a shower, it will be PERFECT finished up for the boys' bathroom!! 
This is a view standing at the door that goes to the garage of our mud/laundry room.  This was where the original washer and dryer were (we got new appliances of course) and these cupboards were a DARK brown stained color that we painted white (as the kitchen cupboards we already white so now they match). We also painted the countertops as they were a canary yellow (HORRIBLE color) we were going to get new countertops everywhere but decided to wait as the kitchen is on the "redo" project list, so in the meantime painting these white looks great! Also we hung the shelf above the washer/dryer, and replaced the ceiling fixtures. The cupboards have new hardware as well, oil rubbed bronze and we also replace all the door knobs here and painted the walls/ceiling. 
We made this shelf to hang coats/backpacks and painted all the air register/vents an oil rubbed bronze vs replacing them as for this "old" style they were like $15 a piece! 
A view of the small bathroom in he mud room. It has a stand up shower, small sink and toilet. We added the over toilet storage, painted the air vent in the ceiling and replaced the hardware on the cute little pocket door..LOVE pocket doors!! 
On the update list for this bathroom is a new "small" sink and to take down the tiles and replace with something more up-to-date. We also took down the ugly small mirror vanity they had up and replaced it with a regular mirror with brown trim. 
This is a view of the closet/large cupboard above the steps that lead to the basement (VERY hard to get to but has TONS of storage for the small appliances we don't use that often). As you can see we replaced the door knobs/hinges and there was an ugly black rot iron railing that would've been behind that bench but we took that down and added the bench for storage and to sit on to put on shoes/gloves/hats/etc. 
Another view of the south end of the mudroom looking out to the deck
The north set of cupboards in the mud room
View of our upstairs living room. In this room we replaced both ceiling fans, took the old antique mantle down and Jon and my dad made a new mantle we painted white and Jon covered the front of the fireplace in airstone. We painted all the walls (this surprisingly was the color she had painted right before they put it up for sale and I loved it so we painted it throughout the house), we again changed the outlets/covers/switches/covers from almond to white, painted all the air vents.
We also painted the actual fireplace doors and trim around it oil-rubbed bronze and put on new hardware/knobs. We also had to have a chimney sweep come out and clean out the chimney and turned out that the walls were too close to the chimney vent and could've started the house on fire had we not had it cut away. There were also birds in the attic that had gotten in so they cleaned out that they fixed the outside of the chimney so nothing else could get in. 
A view from the back of the living room looking forward.
LOVE our entertainment center!! This was something new we bought and it covers this random built-in with glass shelves that is behind it. 
Living room!! This wall behind the couch is coming out to open up our kitchen and for the awesome view we have out of the back of the house of the pond. This will be the project we do in another year and a half when the kitchen is redone and the floors (it's one of those where we start you have to do it all as the wall will be out, floor torn up, etc.!!)

This is our front entryway...we NEVER use the front and always have people come to the back door. This floor is a brick multi-colored slate and I couldn't STAND it!! We couldn't lay vinyl or hardwood over it without jackhammering it out so I painted it!! When it doubt just PAINT IT is my moto!! We also replaced the door knobs to oil-rubbed bronze and all the hinges, painted the ceiling and walls.
This is our bathroom we ALL use right now. When we bought the house it wasn't even a shower, just an old cast iron tub. Jon sledgehammered that out and we had our plumber put in a new tub along with adding a shower head for us.  We also painted the lights hanging above the counter, they were brushed nickel and as you can see we're going with an oil rubbed bronze look and also replaced the faucets to oil rubbed bronze in all the bathrooms/kitchen. We also added a white trim around the mirror above the sink. The countertop needs replaced along with a new vanity as the drawers are all plastic-type and we just painted the dark doors white. I do LOVE the little bench I got for a make-up vanity. 

Bathroom! Again...the tiles in this bathroom needs to be removed and replaced as well. 
Small decorative shelf we added above the toilet. 
View from front door looking into the livingroom. Although this is the front door now, we had a few contractors over to talk about adding on an addition to the front of the house which will be the master suite, with another bathroom a BIGGER master bedroom and closet (just wait until you get down in the post and see how small our master is, in Ankeny we could run laps in our room, now all our furniture we had doesn't even fit!). But adding the addition will be bedroom #6 which is the final goal (one for each of the kids, a master and a studio). And give us another bathroom that all 6 of us don't have to share! The addition work is about 2-3 years out but at least the plans are there and we know its possible to do and will make the outside of our house more into and "L" shape. 
Standing in the front entryway looking into the kitchen. New light fixture added from the old long halogen style, new appliances (all but a dishwasher, that is on the "to purchase" list soon) and a fresh coat of paint on the cupboards and all new hardware, much better than the tree branch door handles that were up before! The one thing I HATE right now is no built-in microwave. I HATE having stuff on my counters!! As you can see the fridge stick out pretty I said above, the wall behind the fridge is coming out and fridge is going over on the other side of the little island that sticks out, by the window and we'll be getting rid of the dining room table and just having a counter the curves around from the sink and almost to the fridge (in almost a half circle shape) and we'll have stools for us all to sit at. 
These cupboards will be gone and so will this countertop by the fridge so we have an open view through the livingroom. 
Love our new kitchen faucet Jon put in, he also put in a new garbage disposal (I know, crazy that we have one even out in the sticks!)  All new cupboards will be put in as the drawers are all a plasticy-type material and of course new coutertops. The drop down in the left of the picture above the counter with the dishwasher...that will come out and out as it's hallow to open up the kitchen a little bit more. Again we painted in here, new ceiling fan, outlets/covers switches/covers. 
View of the kitchen/dining area
view standing in the mudroom looking into the kitchen

View of our SMALL master! You can see the ONE dresser have...which is all Jon's clothes.  New ceiling fan, painted ceiling and walls.  When the new addition goes on the window in this picture will be closed off. This will be my new studio! 
Jon also has clothes in the end table/night stand beside the bed.  
View looking out into the hallway, kinda into the boys' room
Our closets opened you can see all of my clothes are in the plastic storage drawers in the closet!! I have some clothes at the foot of the bed in the storage trunk. 

View looking into the boys' room. New ceiling fan, paint (same color scheme we had in our house in Ankeny). The boys LOVE the bunk beds!! Joel is on the top and Jackson on the bottom. This will eventually be one of the girls' rooms if they want their own. 

The girls' room.  New ceiling fan, paint on ceiling and walls, all new furniture for their room. 

New fixtures on the closet doors and of course a place for all their hairbows! 
Ok I think that is it for the inside!! Tomorrow or the next day I'll share the outside! 

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