Thursday, October 2, 2014

A house tour....Outside View!!

Yesterday you got a view of the inside now here is the outside! 

When we moved in there this place was SOOO overgrown!! Weeds in all of the flower beds, trees were untrimmed and out of control and the yard was not well kept as no one had lived here for over a year. So we spent a lot of this summer doing outside work, we've had countless bonfires burning anything and everything and burning ditches, and cleaning out the pond area so you can get down close to the water. We still have a ways to go but it's at least "presentable" now! 

Standing in the driveway/garage looking toward the kids' play set/trampoline going back up the lane.  You'll notice in the top of the picture the big "scary tree" as the kids call it. This large dead oak is coming down in the next week or so (when we have a few dry days in a row to dry up the ground) and will be our fire wood for this winter! We moved our playset from Ankeny here and it is perfect over in that open space! 
Standing at the end of the driveway looking up toward the front door and to the front yard. On the project list for next summer is new gutters and sofets (the underneath part and can lights will go in all around the outside of the house for better lighting as it is SOOO dark out here!) 
Looking at the front of the house - as you can see there isn't much here as far as landscaping/flower beds. There were these ugly shrubs that Jon pulled out right before we moved in and left a big open spot with some hostas and that's about it. There was also a metal pole looking "ugly" trellis that went on the cement slab right in front of the front door that nothing was growing over (it was all dead stuff) and we took that out as well. The front steps need some work as they are covered in a turf type material but as I mentioned yesterday this won't be the "front" door entrance after the new addition goes on to the left side (east) of the house. 
Standing in the front door looking out toward the road.  Our wonderful tree guy brought about 8 loads of mulch and we put that around all of the trees in the yard so we don't have to mow so close. What a life saver that was! And until we get the landscaping around the house redone next summer we put mulch in all the flower beds to keep the weeds down until we put in river rock. 
Standing at the side of the tree line looking at the east side of the house toward the pond. 
Looking toward the front (north) of the house from the east side. 
Looking toward the gazebo from the east tree line
Standing by the pond looking up toward the back (south) side of the house. You can see the patio below off of the walkout, we need to put in more of a patio where we just put the mulch on the ground and get a lot of plants for the flower beds off the deck steps as there wasn't much there but weeds and cactus (which I killed with round-up probably 5 times!) 
Standing by the LP tank looking toward the flower beds in the back of the house
Standing in the garage looking toward the Morton building/shed. This shed was FULL of trash and junk that they left here. Just last weekend and the weekend before we worked our butts of cleaning it out and making shelving and putting up cupboards and countertops to make work benches and get it all cleaned up! We can now store TONS of stuff in there. Next summer (we didn't get around to it this summer) we'll switch out the sliding doors shown for a garage door that rolls up which when the kids have cars can pull right into the shed and the doors on the north side that look like this will be switched out too to new door that slide a lot easier. Also on Jon's project for this winter/spring is to add lighting in the shed. It is VERY dark in there now with ONE light and we saved all the old ceiling fans and lighting from the house (remember those ugly long halogen lights) those will all go up in the shed! 
Looking down the walkway to the back deck (this is the door we have everyone come to) See the small black built-in grill next to the steps on the deck? That doesn't work and needs to be cut off and either replaced with a new grill or just taken down all together. Such random stuff we've had to deal with I tell ya!! 
 In all we have 18 acres, the pond is 3.5 and we mow about 12 acres that takes about 3 solid hours to mow.  This summer we just bought a John Deere zero turn mower that cut our mowing time down by quite a bit! We don't have a lot to weed eat (thankfully to the mulch around the trees) and only have a few spots to push mow (the ditches, under the trampoline and around the play set) that Jon does once a month or every other week. I try and mow on Fridays during the day OR we both have got on a tractor to knock it out quicker (we have the big Kubota that we got in the sale of the house that mows and has a bucket on it for snow removal). 

So that's the outside...we LOVE living here and can't wait to do more projects to make things just the way we want!! 

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