Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Illumnifest 2014 - PRINCESS galore!!!

Last weekend we headed out to West Des Moines for their annual Illumnifest celebration. This year, they had a princess pomerade and for $10 in advance you could get a book with each princess's picture and have them sign it and post a picture of your little princess with the big princess in it! The girls were soooo excited!! Jon was up in Ames at the football for work so my mom went and helped with the 4 kids. We had a fun time and the girls were in heaven! 

{Jossy & Princess Sophia}
{Jewels and Princess Sophia}
 {Joss and Princess Aurora}
 {Jewels and Princess Aurora} 

 {Jocelyn & Princess Jasmine}

 {Julianne & Princess Jasmine}
 {The girls with Queen Elsa}

 {Julianne and Belle}
 {Jocelyn & Belle}
 {Julianne with Princess Anna}
 {Jocelyn with Princess Anna}
 {While I was waiting in line for the long ones, Elsa, Belle and Anna, my mom took the kids to make lanterns and to explore!}
 A fun evening had by all.,...and well worth it for the boys because they got a light up sword out of the deal!! 

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Kerriann Koss said...

This seriously looks like it would have been a blast for the girls! I know my niece would absolutely love it! Some people really know what they're doing in business ;) Anyways, your pictures turned out great! Thank you for sharing