Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big GIRLS....Potty training the girls!

A couple weeks ago we decided it was time to potty train the girls. We were actually ready in October but we hadn't moved yet, I was still pregnant and worried about being put on bed rest and then the holidays snuk up on us and then delivery of the babies and then it was January 1st!! Goodness where did those months go! We started the girls potty training the same week we were all 6 hit with the flu. Finally by Friday we were all healthy so it was time!! We did the EXACT same thing we did with the boys and the girls ROCKED it as well!! We are sooo proud of them and with just a couple accidents a piece they have stayed dry at night all but 1 night over the last couple weeks and they LOVE being in big girl panties. So much so we had to document it! 


 {sister love!}

 {and of course Joel and Jackson had to jump in too!}

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas MORNING!!

This is the LAST of my Christmas updates!! We had a GREAT Christmas with all of our families and we all got some AWESOME gifts and were spoiled like crazy! The kids were all up at 8 on Christmas morning (Jon was sick and could hardly get out of bed but did just for a short time in the morning). The boys are excited for their BB Guns that Santa brought them and some new Power Rangers Megazords and the girls LOVE all their dress up clothes and My Little Ponies. After we opened our stockings and Santa gifts the kids opened gifts from Jon and I.  Afterwards we had our annual monkey bread for breakfast before Papa came over to help me get things opened and picked up around the house from the morning chaos since Jon was out of commission. I so appreciate him coming over to help me out that morning!! Dad and I got the kids all cleaned up and headed into my Grandma Schauper's house for lunch. Jon had made up a bacon stuffed pork loin on Monday night so that's what we had for was sooo yummy!!! The kids got a couple nice gifts in there and it was nice hanging out with my extended family which wrapped up our Christmas celebrations! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa

On Christmas Eve morning we headed to Marshalltown to celebrate with Jon's family.  We had breakfast and hung out all morning and then we had lunch and opened gifts. It was a great morning and nice to spend time with everyone. The kids were spoiled by Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Janna and they are most excited about going to Adventureland with their season passes again this year and also to build their Build-A-Bear (which we did this past weekend). We all got cleaned up and then went to church and came home and had soup with all the extended family and then we did a gift card white elephant exchange for the adults and was a fun day!! We headed home around 7 and we all opened up our new jammies and our last book (of our 25 days til Christmas countdown) and read The Night Before Christmas and we all headed off to bed.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas with Great Grandma Millie

On Monday we headed to Ankeny to celebrate Chrsitmas with my grandma.  We had a yummy taco bar for lunch and pies from Village Inn for dessert, nothing better than an Oreo Creme Pie!! The kids all had fun playing together and the LOVE the new pj's they got from their Great Grandma. The adults did their annual good gift and recycled gift exchange which is always fun and then we played a few games of Catch Phrase before heading home. We had a great day seeing Grandma and my aunt and uncle and cousins from Minnesota.  

After a wonderful Christmas with everyone we headed out in our jammies to the movie theater to get some popcorn and got some drinks and drove around Ankeny looking at Christmas lights. it was a great end to a good day!

{Braylan had too much fun and crashed in Ann's arms!}
{haha, 2 magic bullets in the good gift exchange and they went home to mom and son in the same family!}

{Jewels had to look like Nana with her glasses on playing on her phone!}

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas with Nana and Papa

On Sunday the 22nd we spent the day with my parents. Lots of food was had from biscuits and gravy for breakfast, lots of appetizers for lunch and steaks for was all yummy!! My kids were excited to spend the whole day with their cousins! We had just gotten a bunch of snow that day so the boys had a blast being pulled on the sled by the 4 wheeler!! All the little ones napped and then we opened presents. The kids were all spoiled and we had such a fun time celebrating Christmas with everyone!! 
 {Jossy was most excited about her blue power ranger!!}

 {this was sooo cute, at each Christmas the girls would stack their presents on top of their laps and just sit and wait their turn to open, way more patience than the boys}

 {the boys LOVE playing with their new game table!}
 {all the kiddos eating supper at Braylan and Brynna's new picnic table Papa made them}
 {the 6 grandkids}
 {Nana and Papa and their grandkids!}