Thursday, May 29, 2014

Meeting Queen Elsa....

Last Friday the girls got to meet Queen Elsa for the 2nd time and they were JUST as excited if NOT more than the first time! We got to Cherry Berry in Ankeny at 4:30 with all the other families in Ankeny and neighboring towns (or so it seemed) and we waited almost an hour but so worth it for them!! 
{Jossy dressed as Princess Anna, Julianne was dressed as Queen Elsa}
 {making friends}
 {so excited!!}
 {oh Jossy's face is priceless!}
{our girls, Jossy and Jewels with Queen Elsa}
 {saying goodbye!} 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This is the boys' first year playing t-ball. The league that Collins-Maxwell plays in is actually with Huxley so we travel between Maxwell and Huxley for their games. They are loving it and after a the first few games trying to figure out if they are going to throw right OR left handed we determined (after buying a glove for each hand) that they can throw with either! One side isn't better than the other...yet! They are batting left handed like their mama did so that makes me happy. Now if we can just work on their focus on the field :) They have 9-10 kids on their team (there are 2 t-ball teams for Collins-Maxwell) and they are excited to have some preschool friends on their team! Here are some pictures of their last game! 

 {LOVE this picture...Jackson & Joel}

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Mr. Joel lost his first tooth last Sunday night! He wasn't too thrilled about it mainly because he was the first one and Jackson wasn't first, it was pretty emotional for him but we got through it and said now he can say he is the first at something and not Jackson! Joel's tooth was super loose, like barely hanging on and Jon was leaving the next morning for a fishing trip for work and knew it wouldn't last 3 days so we had our baths and I talked him into letting me pull it with a washcloth and it worked perfectly and he said "did you get it"! He was happy that the tooth fairy tooth the tooth out of the treasure chest and left him $5!! 

Monday, May 26, 2014


Since we have a 3.5 acre pond one would think we've fished in it quite a bit...but truth we've only done it one time! And the very first cast out they caught a little baby bull head. The kids were so excited! 
 {the girls had to take Grandpa down to show him the fish!}
 {Miss her smile!!}

 {Jossy was going to try and climb the tree!}

Friday, May 23, 2014

Movie night

Last Saturday night we headed up to Ames to Jack Trice Stadium to watch the movie Frozen with about 100,000 other people!! It was sooo much fun and the kids loved it!! We will go again for sure!! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Soccer 2014

The boys have been playing soccer again this spring. And as always they LOVE it!! I LOVE that we are coaching and there are only 6 kids on the team (which is typical) and that makes it easy to rotate every quarter. The kids have improved so much over the season and I'm sad their last game is tonight!! I usually take on the coaching on the field duties and Jon wrangles the kids on the sidelines but I need to be mom and photographer and capture some pictures at their game last Saturday! 

 {part of the boys' cheering section!}

 {more of our cheering section}